Finat Srl

3M preferred converter

Our many years of experience in the field of adhesive technologies allows us to offer our clients a constant and reliable advice, aimed to guide them in the use of our products to obtain the best performance.

We provide our clients all the necessary support for the success of all the different applications of our adhesives. We provide the good basic rules to ensure maximum grip and how to perform the preparation of the surfaces of materials to be bonded, that is of crucial importance for the resilience of an adhesive. Our target is to become partners in the design of the production phase of our customer who need to apply the adhesive.

We offer advice on the tools, accessories, and more or less automated machinery which may serve to speed up and simplify the application of adhesives or one side adhesive tapes or double-sides. For adhesive tapes we are able to satisfy even the most particular demands, being able to offer different products processing solutions with our latest machinery that allow us to provide customized adhesive tapes and conformed to our customers’ specific needs, thus obtaining the maximum adhesive effectiveness.

We believe that to achieve a good result we should build on a good dialogue with our customers, so our work starts from careful analysis that could lead to the identification of the most suitable adhesive technology for the most varied applications, also keeping always in consideration those that are the specific requirements for an efficient production.

Where necessary we support our customers even in the test phase, giving to our customers support also with highly skilled technicians 3M laboratories, in order to verify that the chosen adhesive product, related to customer’s materials, meets the performance expectations.