Finat Srl

3M preferred converter

Finat offers a wide range of adhesive solutions for the assembly of the most varied materials that provide effective sealing and sealing performance while maintaining long-lasting aesthetic results.

One side adhesive tapes

The adhesive tapes that have the adhesive part from only one side of the tape and there exists a wide and differentiated range for multiple uses. They are part of this category packaging tape, the paper masking tapes, plastic tapes of different colors, the gaffer tapes or reinforced fiberglass, the foil tapes and anti-damping foil tapes, the sealing tapes and high temperatures resistant tapes with silicone adhesive or polyamide or of a high molecular weight polyethylene tapes.

Double sided adhesive tapes

The tapes that have the adhesive part from both sides of the tape, and there are different thicknesses and with any kind of combination of adhesives for all industrial needs. These tapes also differ in the carrier used, which can be made by paper, plastic, metal or foam up to the double-sided adhesive transfer tapes without carrier and the viscoelastic VHB with higher sealing performance that are able to maintain high performance in a very different range of enviromental conditions.

Adhesive and sealants

A complete range of adhesives and sealants that provide innovative solutions for the assembly of different materials. Are part of this family of products the hot-melt adhesives, adhesive sprays, hybrid and polyurethane sealants, structural adhesives mono and bi-components that allow permanent fixing, rigid or flexible, with mechanical seals that exceed 300 pounds per centimeter square.

Special products

Several special products complete the range of adhesive products. This category includes, for example, the fastening system resealable DUAL LOCK 3M, hook and loop fasteners adhesives, protective tapes, 3M carpets and the anti-slip systems, bumpers and non-slip feet BUMPON 3M adhesive urethane rollstock.