Finat Srl

3M preferred converter

Our processes allow our customers greater productivity and improve the quality of their products, improving the precision of single or double-sided adhesive tape application used. Thanks to a complete and modern range of machinery for the conversion of the tapes, we can meet the different needs of our customers by providing high precision and quality of finished products, both for short runs and for medium-large or very large runs.

For processing the adhesive tapes we are defined as the cutting of the mono-sided adhesive tapes or double adhesive tapes in any size, shape, and size to be required by the specific adhesive application of customers.

Our processes include cutting of rolls of adhesive tape in different widths, the rewinding of the tapes to create finished tapes of different lengths, the supply of tapes of a specific sheet size cut and the die cutting of the tapes in various shapes to provide adhesive pre-cut on a roll or single sheet (with one or more adhesive shapes positioned on the same sheet of siliconized paper).

Rolls cutting and rewinding

Thanks to the use of an electric lathe we are able to cut any type of single or double-sided adhesive tape in widths ranging from 2 to 2000 mm and thanks to the flexibility of our machinery we are able to make cuts for both light and soft materials and for most materials hard and resistant getting more precise cuts without burrs that alter the aesthetics.
A rewinding machine also allows you to turn even the length of the tapes to obtain finished tapes ranging from 1 to 500 meters.

Cutting into sheets format

This is the cutting of the adhesive tapes in sheets in various sizes through the use of electronic cutters. The sizes range from small, to medium sizes such as an A4 size sheet of paper, until sheets of 700×1000 mm. Each tape sheet is then placed on a sheet of paper siliconized overflowing on two sides so as to facilitate the application made by customers as possible.

Die cutting

We provide the cutting of the ribbon tapes in any form, we are also able to effect both the cut through both the half cut, with the possibility of expelling of the parties not useful and thus create through holes. The blanks can also be supplied over rolls of silicone paper or in a single format on silicone paper leaflet or in multiple formats always on silicone paper sheet.
Our experience allows us to offer ad hoc solution, for example in the choice of liner or in the creation or not of tabs for easy removal of the protective paper with the aim of making the positioning of the blanks in the production steps of our customers effectively, fast and simple.