Finat Srl

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FINAT is specialized in the sale of safety equipment with the task of safeguarding those who are working and need to protect themselves from safety risk.

We provide any kind of device intended to be worn or held by the worker to protect him against one or more safety risks which could endanger his safety and health at work, and any complementary device or accessory designed to meet this purpose.


The harmful substances in the air you can find the physical state of dust, fog, smoke, steam and gas. The environmental risk is therefore in relation to the physical state of the substances and their concentration in the air. The magnitude of the problem is such that it requires different solutions depending on specific situations. 3M has developed a wide range of respiratory and breathing protection systems. 3M respirators offer the most useful and the highest quality. They are not only safe, they are easy and comfortable to use.

Hearing protectors

The 3M hearing protection systems are practical and comfortable. Comfort takes precedence and associates the appropriate protection level of hearing protection with ease of use. For each user and each situation, we have a range of products ranging from traditional ear inserts in polyurethane foam to the latest generation of electronic ear muffs.

Eye protection devices

3M offers a range of selected products, tested according to the major European standards. Glasses and mask glasses of high quality and style can protect the eyes against the most common industrial safety risks.


workwear including technical footwear with approved protection and against drilling soles, work pants, gloves with different features for every need, protective suits, high-visibility clothing and many other products to work in tatal safety.