A bit about us

Our history

We have over 40 years of experience in finding adhesive solutions for industry in a wide variety of sectors.

Finat was established in 1978 as a 3M distributor of adhesive technologies and for over 40 years we have been a converter of adhesive technologies offering reliable adhesive solutions for industry in a wide variety of sectors.

For us, being an adhesive technology converter means turning an adhesive product into a successful solution for industry through expertise, customer support, reliability and processing capacity.e.

We have always been convinced that an adhesive solution can do much more than glue if it is ideally identified and applied. That is why our mission is to partner with our customers in the field of adhesive technology to identify and provide the best adhesive solution to achieve maximum product performance, production efficiency and cost reduction.

We choose our business partners from among the world’s leading manufacturers of adhesive technologies who meet the highest quality and reliability standards in the industry and who make technological innovation a key lever of their success.

Our certifications

3M Preferred Converter

Finat is a 3M Preferred Converter: we are recognised by 3M with the highest certification granted to a 3M partner internationally in the field of adhesive technology conversion, for our high standards of quality, expertise, experience, reliability and customer service.

ISO 9001 e ISO 9120

Our in-house processing standards are ISO 9001 e ISO 9120 certified