Coating, splicing, sealing, masking, packaging, delimiting...


Mono adhesive

Different types of single-sided adhesive tapes with different backing materials...

…for a wide variety of industrial uses, each specific to the type of process to which the product must be subjected, the characteristics of the material, the conditions and times of application and use.

These include tapes for area delimitation and vertical or horizontal signage, also for walkable or vehicular surfaces such as docks or warehouses; tapes for thermal, EMI/RFI and chemical shielding, for masking in high temperature powder coating processes, for flame, heat and abrasion protection, for edging and reinforcement of paper, film and other materials; non-slip tapes (Safety Walk) for increasing friction or UHMW non-stick for facilitating slipping; tapes for static splicing of head films, including silicone or thermosetting tapes for splicing fibreglass fabrics, felts and covering materials.

Furthermore: breathable tapes specifically for foaming processes; highly conformable, vibration-damping aluminium tapes for reducing vibrations in all assemblies that are subject to movement and oscillations; plastic or paper packaging tapes, ecological or tamper-proof; sealing tapes for various types of outer coverings, panels and other materials; films for durable thermal transfer labelling and urethane rubber bumpers for damping shocks and slips.

The advantages

Double-sided adhesive

A huge range of products that allow you to assemble the most diverse combinations of materials...

…from large surfaces to micro-components for permanent fixings, removable or resealable, rigid or flexible, capable of withstanding even the most extreme temperatures and environmental conditions.

Spray and liquid adhesives for large surfaces; single and two-component structural adhesives, light, but capable of withstanding high mechanical stresses; hot-melt adhesives; hybrid and polyurethane sealants in cartridges that combine high sealing performance with the advantages of a sealant; cyanoacrylates for fast and precise bonding; anaerobic adhesives suitable as a backing for threads, gaskets, fittings and coaxial locks, guaranteeing excellent sealing against leaks and corrosion; specific products for flexographic printing.

Double-sided transfer tapes consisting of adhesive without internal backing, with thicknesses from 0.03mm, applicable with dispensers and also available in special formulations, such as conductive, high-temperature or ultra-transparent.

Double-sided adhesive tape with paper, non-woven fabric, plastic film or foam backing, also suitable for the assembly of dissimilar materials and in the presence of irregular surfaces, bridging their unevenness.

High-performance VHB (Very High Bond) acrylic foam tapes can replace traditional mechanical bonding systems while absorbing dynamic stresses to give assemblies greater quality and strength, better aesthetics, less vibration and more resistance to corrosion and external agents. They are also available for a number of specific requirements such as low temperature applications, transparencies and the brand new LSE, ideal for low surface energy materials, such as polypropylene and polyethylene that are difficult to bond with traditional adhesives.

Resealable fastening systems such as 3M Dual Lock and 3M Scotchmate provide maximum design freedom and assembly convenience as they are designed to withstand thousands of openings and closures.

The advantages

The advantages

Production efficiency

Adhesive solutions can improve the efficiency of the production process by reducing the assembly and handling time of semi-finished products, simplifying operations, reducing costs and limiting error margins.

Freedom of choice in material composition

Design becomes more unconstrained. With adhesives it is possible to assemble dissimilar materials that have different thermal expansion and, thanks to recent innovations, it is now possible to use them even with materials that are difficult to assemble such as plastics with low surface energy, oily metals and silicone rubbers.

Product design

Adhesives prevent the design of the external surfaces from being compromised by protruding screws, rivet heads, nuts or bolts. They simplify the design and avoid the cost and time of finishing welds. In a good assembly design, adhesive technologies are invisible and lightweight.

Product performance

Adhesive solutions avoid the problems of metal corrosion and oxidation by creating a protective barrier against water and other contaminants in the environment. In addition, due to their viscoelastic properties and ability to distribute the assembly load over a larger surface area, they absorb energy better, improving product performance in terms of vibration, stress and fatigue resistance. The product’s performance is durable over time and under the most extreme conditions.